Emcor 10 Series Product Line

Learn about the robust features of Emcor’s 10 Series cabinet. Your search for a sturdy enclosure to house electronics is over.

Emcor FP2 Product Line

Learn about the unique features of Emcor’s FP2 Console and see how thisproduct can add functionality in your surveillance

Introducing the Modular Master Clock

Brandywine’s Modular Master Clock System represents the next generation ofmodular timing systems. Built on the highly successful


Space shuttle Atlantis launch monitoring with Dewesoft software

Dewesoft software was used to monitor all sorts of parameters during the launchof NASA’s space shuttle Atlantis. Learn more at www.Dewesoft.com


Model 121 Precision Low-Noise Bridge Amplifier

A state-of-the-art, 3-Channel DC Differential Amplifier designed to be used with bridge type or differential output accelerometers, pressure transducers, and load cells.