The companies we support are sensor-specific companies who have a high level of expertise, which allows them to design and manufacture sensors that are well suited for demanding applications.  Unlike generic sensors purchased from catalog houses, ours are high in quality and can be readily configured or modified any application.

Our offerings include: Accelerometers, Distance Sensors (1|2), Rotation Sensors, Load Cells (1|2), Torque transducers (1|2|3),  Pressure Sensors (1|2|3), Tilt Sensors , Temperature Sensors, and Fluid Property Sensors.

Below you will find information about the offerings of each manufacturer we support.


Lion Precision ( designs and produces some of the world’s finest High-Performance Noncontact Sensors.

Jewell Instruments (

Full line of Sensors, Tilt, Motion; Accelerometers (MEMS); Forced Balanced Inclinometers (MEMS); Digital Inclinometers