Power Systems


Custom Power Electronics, Modular UPS Systems, and PDU’s


Primary switched, modular, unidirectional DC power supplies from 0… 65VDC to 0… 1500VDC, 20kW up to several MW. Two Quadrant high power, modular, bidirectional (source & sink), regenerative, modular DC power sources from 0… +65VDC to 0… +1500VDC, +20kW up to several MW. High power, modular, regenerative DC Electronic Loads from 0… -65VDC to 0… -1500VDC, -20kW up to several MW. 3-in-1 high power, 30kVA to 1000kVA full 4 Quadrant, bidirectional (source & sink), regenerative AC Grid Simulator, regenerative AC voltage amplifier & 3-phase regenerative AC Electronic load