Manufacturer Summary

Below you will find an alphabetical listing of the manufacturers we represent along with a summary of their capabilities.  You can visit each manufacturers site by clicking on their logos, website address, or the radio buttons above.  Visiting the product page associated with the proper category will also provide you with additional information on their capabilities.

Offered in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee & Florida Panhandle
Precision GPS Time and Frequency Receivers (SA-ASM Options) IRIG Time Code Generators / Time & Frequency Distribution Plug in Cards for ISA, PCI, CPCI, PMC, PC104, VME and VXI.

Broad band High Power RF Amplifiers, operating from 0.1MHz to beyond 2GHz with power levels (pulsed and CW) from 30W to greater than 20kW. Supplementary products include combiners, dividers and couplers.

Satellite Link Emulators, Carrier to Noise Generators & synthesizers

24bit High Speed Data Acquisition – Any Sensor, Any Application. USB, Ethernet, or Standalone. DEWEsoft X2 software – Measure, Process, Analyze, Control.

Modular Equipment and Network Enclosures, Modular Consoles / Security Consoles, EMI/RFI Shielded and Bellcore Qualified Seismic

Broadband & RF Modules & Subsystems Frequency Synthesizers * Oscillators * Up/Down Converters * Satcom Instrumentation * Fiber Optics * Digital Radio * Defense

Industry Leader in High Performance Non-Contact measurement and Sensing / Capacitive and Eddy-Current Sensors for Position-Displacement-Vibration / Complete Measurement and Data Acquisitions Systems

Pressure Sensors, Force Sensors, Accelerometers

Offered in North & South Carolina, Georgia and Florida except the Panhandle
PCI slotcards and external reference clocks / ready-to-run time servers / GPD, DCF77, WWVB or IRIG / NTP Synchronized displays and more

Custom Power Electronics, Modular UPS Systems, and PDU’s

ETS Solutions offers Environmental testing chambers: Climatic Test Chambers,  Compact Ultra Low Temperature Chambers, and High Temperature Chambers

SEMCO provides RF Products and Services in support of the U.S. Government, Department of Defense (DOD), Homeland Security, Intelligence Agencies, and Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement.